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Daily Thoughts 

My heart is searching for you
I can feel you all around me 

I begin to fade

Holding on to what am feeling

Am I alive

Or am I dreaming

You said you would never leave me 

But here I am 

all alone 

So cold 

So Lovelies

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Daily Thoughts 

My pain does not strengthen me as it  does others, it kills me slowly as cancers kills it patients, I feel no love for this world just as it feels no love for me, I have become a shadow of my former self, now I am lonesome, afraid, in a way I have found my perfect end.

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A New Day (Daily Thoughts)

There was no need to cry anymore. Because the sun had risen and a new day had come. I waited for so long for a miracle to come. And there you ware. With you I had it all. Were it was dark now there was light, pain become joy. All of my weakness become my strengths. Even though you end up leaving me. I know you will return. To give me yet another new day.