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Daily Thoughts/ The Brilliant Fool

He seemed unstoppable, always escaping from dyer situations. He was a brilliant fool, truly a brilliant fool. and then he met her. She could do no wrong in his eyes. For her he would do anything. He would kill a man, he could kill a thousand men, and then another. He would burn down the world just to be by her side. He loved her, he truly loved her. But the truth was she did not share the same feelings. To her he was but safety and nothing else, she was using him. But he could not see that. To him she was perfect, an angel. He truly was a brilliant fool. He though with her by his side he was perfect but it was quite the opposite because  she was headed to the grave and she was talking him with her.



Am constantly on the road, and i spent most of my time writing my emoction and take pictures.

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