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Words Of A Dying Dream

Suffering and hopelessness of a vast array of cronic illnesses because putting an end to it all would hurt those you care about is unfair to those  that would rather leave this world behind. When life becomes a battle to survive for the financial benefit of your family, your faced with a fate worse than death. Oh how I pray my incurable list of rare disorders were fatal versus a lifetime of hell, at least then i could leave without guilt of it being my fault. As you are drawn back to reality. I personally like others, we don’t talk about our plans to end it all, we just do. At least those like myself who’ve been serious about it or once thought of it. I don’t recommend this permanent cure to a temporary problem, but a persistent and never ending one that’s incurable should be allowed and assisted. existing in such a world with constant pain, torture, and hell from what our existence has become. They should do this without the self motivated factors to guilt us into living. I now await a natural death or accident that liberates me from a life worse than death.



Am constantly on the road, and i spent most of my time writing my emoction and take pictures.

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