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Daily Thoughts (My Crush, Act 2)

Losing what I found. My world became hollow. Somehow I had fallen in love with you. I had fallen into your sunlight. But now the sun had come down. And soon after silence followed. And all my hopes of ever loving someone died. Now reasons clouds my eyes, and all I can see is illusions of a sun light. And the chance of one day seeing that sunshine again. I loved her, but now I have lost who I am, I just could not understand why my heart was so broken. I rejected all. Without your love. My reality had gone wrong. All I knew was that the end had come. All this time spent in vane, wasted years, wasted dreams. All is lost, hope was gone, shattered heart. To the pain I belonged, because I could no longer fall into her sunlight.



Am constantly on the road, and i spent most of my time writing my emoction and take pictures.

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