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Neglected Memories



(n.) the fear of forgetting, being forgotten or ignored, or being replaced.

Some people have low levels of confidence and self-esteem, due to various reasons unknown to the public eye. Some are introverts and depressed. While thinking, people with this disease will just “fade in to oblivion”. However, for people who do not have this disease yet you are scared of being forgotten. Don’t be. 

Don’t be afraid, because the memories you created together with the people you love. It can’t be forgotten. The laughter, smiles, pain and tears. This emotions a human heart experiences can not just be erased away. Sometimes, even I will be afraid of being ignored, being left behind, but I assure you, if they really care about you, and they really accept you for who you are. They will come back, back by your side.

This will of course lead to you finding out…

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Am constantly on the road, and i spent most of my time writing my emoction and take pictures.

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